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Who are we & what do we do:

The "Whitmore Lake 4th of July Committee" is a

Federal 501(c)3 Charitable Organization, EIN 16-1718564 and a
Michigan non-profit corpotation ID# 800901709

Purpose: Organizing of 4th of July festivities, including fundraising. The Committee is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose is for the education and appreciation of the history of the United States. The means for this is to help with the organization, activities and fundraising for the annual 4th of July celebration in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. The Committee will put particular focus on coordinating the various volunteer groups, fundraising and managing the fireworks part of the celebration.

Membership: consists of a Board of Directors. The directors include appointed volunteers and elected officers that receive no compensation. It is important to note that membership is encouraged, voluntary and we welcome new members. We currently have about 15 members that graciously volunteer their time to accomplish the promotion of good community service and our appearance in the community.

Please continue to check our website for upcoming sponsored events throughout the year.

We are a member of the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Our Story

OUR STORY: You can help save this 61-year-old tradition

For 62 years, the small community of Whitmore Lake has been honoring our great country’s Independence Day with a weekend-long celebration of good, old fashioned, family friendly fun.
This celebration is like stepping back in time when our past was gentler and more carefree time. Typical events include a 4th of July Parade, a Bicycle Decorating Contest, a Fun Run, a Boat Parade, a Banana Split Eating Contest, a Ski Show, and of course our fireworks display over the lake caps off the entire celebration.
Our annual celebration of freedom brings us all together offering us an important reminder that no matter what differences we may have, we are all united by our shared pursuit of American ideals; “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Annually this weekend-long celebration is enjoyed by over 7,500 people from Whitmore Lake and its surrounding communities. When scanning the crowd at the fireworks you will see young families, multi-generational families who have been coming for many years, as well as those who are just looking to create new memories, whether it is with their family or by themselves.
Throughout the years our Whitmore Lake Fireworks committee has heard many stories from community members telling us what the fireworks and festivities mean to them. Mrs. Johnson, a lifelong resident of Whitmore Lake summed up what the fireworks mean to the community, “I have lived in Whitmore Lake my entire life and there is nothing like the look on my granddaughter’s face when she watches the Fireworks Show each year. This is what childhood memories of our Independence Day are all about!”
Unfortunately this 60 plus year old tradition is in real jeopardy of going away forever. These fireworks bring together so many people helping them to create lifelong memories that they can share with family and friends. However, if the Whitmore Lake Fireworks committee does not raise the funds necessary to support this fun filled event, the fireworks will not be able to go on as planned and there will be a tremendous void in our community.
We hope you will consider supporting our efforts to keep this tradition alive, whether through an item for our auction or a financial contribution. Your support will be a tremendous help in our ability to achieve our goal.

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